Happiness is Little Dreams Realized

One of the many great things about living in Minnesota is that I get to try new things… While new fast food joints might not seem sexy or even cool, I was very excited about three news ones. Well, actually, it was just two and a half.

culver's, dairy, fast foodFirst, the half. We went to Culver’s. It reminded me of Foster’s Freeze, but cleaner, newer. The burgers were good, I’d been there once before when I visited Paul last December. The reason I was eager to go back was because of the custard…the frozen custard. It wasn’t over the top, orgasmically good, but it was good. It was like really creamy soft serve ice cream, maybe the way it SHOULD be…

The second place I’d been hankering to try was White Castle. I have hazy, very hazy, memories of this place from my childhood. I don’t specifically remember going to one of them because like in the movie, they weren’t easy to find in thefast food, hamburger state of New Jersey. So, Paul indulged my whim and took me to dinner there one night. Wow. Aside from the fact that it was on the edge of the shady side of town, the burgers were pretty bad. I’m not sure what I expected, but maybe I’ve just been spoiled by having too many good burgers lately. I mean aside from the onions on them, the little suckers had zero flavor. Plus, the texture was a little too mushy for my taste.

Finally, we have Sonic Drive-in. I’ve been wanting to go to a Sonic since 2005. That was the year I moved to Sacramento. I had seen the beginnings of one being built in Natomas, but everyone in Sacramento knows what happened to that site… The only alternatives were in Roseville and Woodland. To this day, I have no idea where the one is in Roseville. I’ve driven past the Sonic in Woodland a few times, but the only reason I ever went to Woodland was to visit family and Sonic was never an option.

Sonic, fast food, beverage, drinksFast forward to yesterday. The place at which I’ve been doing some temp work is down the street from a Sonic. It was everything I’d hoped it would be. The food was tasty, but the drinks…the drinks! I had a strawberry limeade. It was one of the best things I’ve ever had the pleasure of swallowing. It’s deliciously sweet flavor tasted like the Midwest. There was something just wonderful about it. I can’t name it, it was more like a feeling, a perfect balance of happiness and satisfaction.  Next time, I’m going to try one of those slushes…possibly even the grape one!  Who am I kidding? It’s all strawberry all the time.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is Little Dreams Realized

  1. Rudy

    Be sure to visit the Sonic in Vacaville the next time you see your grandmother… It’s down the street from the movie theater, on the other side of the overpass, across the street from the new Dairy Queen.

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      It’s the same problem as the Woodland one. Family is nearby and distracts me from getting that delicious beverage! 🙂


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