A family man…of sorts?

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Oh why do I read silly news stories like this especially early in the morning? Supposedly, this guy fathered 30 children with 11 different women over the past 14 years. First of all, this guy and all the women are lucky they don’t have an STD or maybe 5. I mean…really? Dude. Get a different hobby. Or ladies…make him use a condom.

Safe sex protects you from more than just disease and unplanned children.  It protects you from forever being linked to idiots.

Also, there is no logistical way for this man to be a real father to all of those children. That’s a classroom full of people! How can you remember their names much less birthdays, first days of school, or any other life milestones? Yes, I know. He never intended to actually be a parent to most if not all of those kids.

What pisses me off the most though, is that if he had enough money to pay to support all of those children, this story wouldn’t even exist. Men still are able to get away with just paying for their children. A woman does that and she’s shunned by society. A man is a good father who lets his wages be garnished for child support. Yeah? No.

A good father does more than just put food on the table and clothes on the backs of his children. Mothers do that all the time and no one sings their praises until they give more. A good father takes care of and raises his children just like a mother does. He’s there for his children to make them feel safe, to teach them things, to lend emotional support. He puts in as much effort and time as a mother.

I’m sick and tired of fathers being put into this distant role in families. Maybe that was fine for my parents’ generation, but my generation and the ones coming up need to be more hands-on. Women don’t need a man to just be a financial provider and not much more. Women need a partner they can rely on, not just a sperm donor.  Plus, real men don’t deserve to be grouped in with a bunch of losers who barely reach the low standards set for them.

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