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>Friends, please…stop tagging your name on photos of your kids on Facebook. Why should I care? It’s not because you are crowding my timeline with tots. I can (and do) easily scroll past those photos. It’s because I couldn’t pick your kid out of a line up and as a security measure, Facebook puts your pictures in a line up for me.

Seriously. Whenever you log in from a strange place, Facebook becomes self-aware and throws up this security wall. In order to pass it, you have to do one of two things. Either answer security questions or correctly identify photos of your friends.

Since I never remember the answer to the damn security questions, I always choose option B. It becomes a bit challenging when the computer selects the friends who have tagged the last 120 photos of their kids with their own names.  Because well, I’m not friends with your kid, right?  So I’m not really looking at their photos.

Also? Tell your friends (who are probably not my friends) to stop doing that too. I see them tag your name on top of your kids’ faces. I get all excited when I see the alert because maybe I’ll see an embarrassing photo of you drinking from a beer bong when you were in college (or maybe last week), when actually it’s a kid playing soccer.

Tell them to tag the comments instead. I thank you and my sanity thanks you.

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