>Extreme Makeover the Bum Edition

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>Biff and Paul came back from lunch. Everyone was gathered in the reception area reading the paper and having their post lunch chat. Biff says to the group, “We just came up with a great idea for a new reality show. It’s called Bum Makeover.

You would go out and get a bum like the guy down the street in the military gear and sombrero. Show close ups of his gross toes and teeth then clean him up. Some of the guys you might have to drug if they don’t cooperate. After he’s been cleaned and shaven put the guy in an Armani suit with $1,000 in the pocket and follow him around for the next 48 hours seeing what they do with the money.”

I think this is something for UPN or the Spike network. This idea is better than those Bum Fight videos someone came up with a few years ago.

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