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Everyone knows that alcohol, in the right amount, is truth serum, right? I don’t necessarily mean they will spill state secrets.  They might, but if you want to see a person’s true colors? Get them drunk.

I’m not kidding. If you have any kind of darkness in your soul, I’m pretty sure the right amount of alcohol brings that little devil to life. I can’t hang with people who can’t handle their liquor. Better to be around tea-totallers than angry, belligerent drunks.

I’m a happy drunk or sleepy. I don’t mind the boisterous drunks. They are harmless. It’s the annoying, obnoxious ones who don’t have the inner voice inside their head telling them when to say when that I don’t like. You know the Jekyll & Hyde types. They’re usually quiet or keep to themselves and then drink too much at inappropriate times. Also, they are the drunks who insist on driving. They get all pissed off when you tell them they are too far gone. Honey, you can’t even walk down the street without assistance, why would I let you operate heavy machinery?

It’s one thing if you are trying to make out with the banana plant in the corner, it’s another when you keep punching me in the ribs/shoulder and telling me how fucked up I am. Have a nice glass of shut the hell up.

2 thoughts on “>Drink, drank, drunk

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