>A date by any other name?

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>It really irritates me when married people say that they are going out on a date with their spouses.

Going out to the movies with my DH!  Isn’t that so exciting??!!!?  

What? No. 

A date is not something you do with someone you know you will be waking up next to in the morning. A date is what happens between two relative strangers who are trying to get to know each other. A date means there is probably an easy out. A date means things are definitely going to be awkward during at least one point during the evening.

You are never sure how a date is going to turn out or even how it went. A date is a chore we all go through to get into a relationship. Yes, it can interesting and fun, but mostly it’s just a freaking hassle.

There needs to be a different term for going out with your spouse or long term significant other. Call it a rendez-vous or just a night on the town, but call the situation something else because it’s got to be way better than a mere date.  Be happy that you don’t have to date anymore!

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