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Do you see this photo? It’s my parents’ cat sleeping with his head inside my shoe. Over the years, all of my parents’ pets have had this thing for either my shoes or my socks. This current feline will sleep on top of my slippers or shoes that I leave lying in his path.

When I was a kid, we had a cat named Ginger, who for some reason would always dig my dirty socks out of the laundry basket. No one else’s…just mine. Then she would proceed to walk through the house meowing like she’d just caught a canary, go to her water dish, and drown the offending garment.

Is a sock technically a garment? Either way, that behavior is just bizarre. Why am I the only one who get subjected to such attention? What is it about my feet that animals find so attractive? Do they really stink that bad? I would hope someone would have told me by now!

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  1. Samantha Lynn

    >My dog licks my jeans. ALL THE TIME. I'll be sitting and watching TV, and she'll just sit there and lick the knees of my blue jeans… But she won't do it to any other pants, or any other person. (She's been doing this for almost the entire 15 years of her life.)


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