>Bring out the measuring tape!

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>Shopping for bras is worse than shopping for bathing suits. I don’t know why, but it just is. Whenever I try on a bra, I feel like the least attractive woman alive. From some time in early high school, I wore a 36 B. Since graduation, I’ve gained some weight (who hasn’t) and was a 38 B. Lately, I’ve noticed that my bras haven’t been fitting as well as they used to, so I decided to remeasure. I went to this website to do the calculations and it told me I didn’t need a bra. Right. Let me walk into the office on Monday sans brassiere and see if anyone notices.

I think I also have been taking my measurements incorrectly. I didn’t know you were supposed to add by 5 for the frame size. No wonder I’ve been crabby.

By the way, some of that website is not safe for work.

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5 thoughts on “>Bring out the measuring tape!

  1. Karla

    >I’m on a personal mission to get every woman in America to put on a bra. Big or small, every boobie needs a hat. I’ve seen enough episodes of Three’s Company to know that.

  2. FreedomGirl

    >Go to Macy’s foundation dept. Get a professional fitting. Sure, its awkward and a little embarrassing, but trust me, its worth it. You will feel renewed. .


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