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Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Whichever one strikes my fancy. 

Confession: I have never had a side of the bed.

This is what happens when someone has never been in a relationship long enough to be put into a situation where a choice is necessary. The only requirement I have is somewhere to put my mobile phone and the channel changer. This is the only reason I sleep near an edge.

Randomly, I will decide to move from the north side of the bed to the south side. It’s almost like being in a hotel bed in my own house. Suddenly, my nightly perspective is alien, but not too alien. I’ll spend a good six months to a year in that position when the idea will pop back into my weary brain. I don’t usually sleep in the middle of my queen sized bed, but I do sprawl out from time to time.

Sometimes I rationalize that I am changing sides because I want to keep the wear on my mattress balanced. The real reason is that I just need a change of pace. I switched sides last night, but I don’t think it’s helped to change my outlook on anything else yet. I guess time will only tell.

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