>Another Reason the Neighbors Think I’m Crazy

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>It’s also another reason I hate summertime/hot weather. Because I live in a neighborhood with a dearth of street lights, I leave my porch light on whenever I think I might be out past sunset. All of the moths in the neighborhood flock to my front door since this is one of the few sources of ambient light outside of the monthly full moon.

I get out of my car already angry from the heat (not to mention the idiot drivers). Then I spend a good 2 to 4 minutes swearing and swatting at bugs that can only be seen a few feet from my porch. I’m sure one or two of my neighbors gets a good chuckle at my antics.

If one of those insects makes it through the front door, I can forget about a good night sleep. The hours I should spend resting will be dedicated to hunting down and/or fretting about Mothra skulking about my home.

1 thought on “>Another Reason the Neighbors Think I’m Crazy

  1. Musicbreath

    >I know the feeling. I live in a suburb of Indy that has something against street lights. Luckily my apartment building is well lit.

    I only worry when a skeeter makes it inside. One of those little bloodsuckers in my apartment will keep me up until I can find it and crush it to dust.


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