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>Joggers – The sidewalk is not a track. You have to look both ways before crossing the street and yield to traffic. And for the love of God, don’t cross on the red! You’re as stupid as those bicyclists who are only out for a ride and have no apparent destination or knowledge of the rules of the road. Go over to Sac State and run around campus. Stay out of everyone’s way.

Onions – Taste so good, but stink up my refrigerator. I double bagged the damn things and it still reeks in there. Clearly, the baking soda is working as well as my office manager.

Valentine’s Day – the holiday, not the movie. Okay, maybe the movie too. I just wonder what it’s like to have a Valentine and not detest the holiday.

Nails – Why do you take forever to dry? I have shit to get done and would like to go to bed at a decent hour without scuff marks on my newly polished digits.

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