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>On my way to Alaska the guy in the seat in front of me had a tattoo of Bugs Bunny on his upper arm. He also had a mullet of frizzy blonde hair, sorely in need of a hot oil treatment.

On my way home, there was some random stink coming from the bathroom before we took off. We were on this tiny little plane, propellers and all. The air line steward (I forget the PC name) was making fun of it, by spraying some air freshener and holding his nose.

My friend a few seats in front of me, burst out laughing at the antics. All of the sudden, this random woman says, “They’re making fun of Jonny. He got sick in the bathroom. They’re making fun of my grandson!”

She gets all huffy. Most of the people surrounding her and the stink would never have known its source had she kept her trap shut. Her anger oozes throughout her brood. The father of Jonny blows his top. “We’re getting off this plane now!” Mind you, the steward had just pulled up the door/stairs.

The whole clan of 9 starts raising hell and exits the plane. The grandmother starts yapping about how the first leg of their flight was delayed because the crew “had to get six sandwiches” on the plane. Whatever the fuck that means!

The father was threatening to get the steward fired because “you made fun of a sick kid! He’s only 16!” I swear to God there were hidden cameras onboard. A freaking Jerry Springer episode spontaneously erupted before my eyes.

I saw Jonny rush off the plane, white as a ghost, gasping for air in mid panic attack. I’d be a mental case too if I had those freaks as my family.

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  1. SFChick74

    >I’m hoping those fuckers got a fine or better yet, arrested for violating some federal aviation rule. There’s gotta be something about causing a rukus or threatening a airline employee.

  2. Notsocranky Yankee

    >As an airline employee, I see and hear (from the flight attendants, who have to deal with the passengers way more than me) passengers complain and make a scene to try to get free stuff. Sometimes they are incredibly obvious that they only want free drinks or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people were trying to get free airfare.


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