50 Shades of What’s the Big Deal?

Why is this book by a Twilight fan so popular? OK, I haven’t read it and don’t really plan to, mostly because no one can explain to me why it’s so good.  Erotic fiction is not a new thing.  I know most people have to know this fact.

In college,  erotica was a genre of fiction we studied as part of the curriculum. Most of it was written by women, but honestly, I wasn’t that impressed.

I mean you don’t watch a porn for the mind-boggling dialogue & titillating plot twists. Yes, some of the scenes in the stories I read were arousing, but for the most part, I was bored. Cheesy romance novels were more well written and a lot steamier.

Maybe it was because the writers included taboo subjects and that’s why they got labeled as “literature”. To me a taboo subject in fiction is like a special effect in a movie. It’s nice, but it can’t carry the whole thing. You need a good plot or at least some interesting scenes.

Although, I wonder how different it is to write erotic fiction as opposed to regular fiction.  I mean it would be nice to read a steamy story that either didn’t bore me to tears 90% of the time or insult my intelligence.  Of course, that could be my new writing goal.  Writing regular fiction scares me.  Writing a sex scene must be an art form.  Then again, writing any scene well is an art form, right?

1 thought on “50 Shades of What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Trish

    O.K… so it’s not just me! I read this book because every friend I have was dying over it. I wrote about it in my blog, and was worried that I might get stoned for not loving it. I didn’t get it AT all. Not for me, not for me.

    Loved meeting you at the Sacramento Blogger’s Meet and Greet today. I’m so excited to follow your blog, especially now that I can put a face to your words. 🙂


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