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>It’s Valentine’s day (again) and I’m not celebrating it (again). I’m trying to change my mind about the whole thing, get a different perspective. I’ve read tweets (or twits as I like to call them), craigslist ads and Facebook statuses and it seems like everyone has this idea of how one is supposed to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I’d like something pretty mellow. Staying at home with a bottle of wine and a movie sounds great to me. That’s probably what I’ll do tonight anyway. Going out to dinner is what everyone else does. Sometimes, I won’t do something simply because everyone else is doing it, so I automatically don’t like it. Then again, I think flowers are required no matter what. Any woman who says she doesn’t like getting flowers is kidding herself. Even if she’s allergic to them, she still wants them from her guy.

2 thoughts on “>What can I say?

  1. Mara

    >Why I personally don’t like flowers:

    1) Our cats eat them. They have to be locked up in the bathroom where they are hardly enjoyed.

    2) They’re expensive and they wilt so fast. I’d much rather have a dinner out than a nice bouquet I can’t really enjoy.

    However, I admit that flowers are gorgeous and I love giving them to other people. I suppose if it weren’t for the plant-eating cats, I’d probably want them like any other girl.


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