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>Because my sister wouldn’t stop talking about how great it was, I started reading the Twilight series. Within a week or so I’ve plowed through three of the books and have started the fourth. The first book was great. The second sucked and the third didn’t make up for the crapfest of the second book. Now, I’m in the fourth book and up to the chapter where it begins with Jacob as the first person narrator and I’m not sure if I want to continue.

I don’t like it when I know where a plot is going. Mostly, I just don’t like Bella. She’s a really annoying dumb character. During the first book, I could relate and empathize with her as a scared teenager developing a crush on a classmate. Then the author created a love triangle that I never bought into in the second book. The third book as a bit better, but the love triangle never went away in a satisfying way.

This fourth book started off promising, but now it’s looking a bit lame. I guess I should give it another try since there’s nothing on TV anyway.

I also read Something Borrowed. Yes, I’m a speed reader. Actually, I don’t read every single word. I skim over the boring parts to get to the juicy plot points. I could relate to the main character pretty well, sad as that may be. While I liked this book, I think it’s too fairy-tale-esque for my jaded heart. The reality is that once a cheater, always a cheater.

I think I’ll read Something Blue and see if I like it better.

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