>It Runs in the Family

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>At dinner tonight, some how the subject of Dr. Who came up. I remembered my Dad watching it on PBS and it was black & white.  My sister mentioned remembering a curly-haired guy playing the Doctor back in the day. 

I said, “I think he’s the most popular one.  Tom something?” 

My sister, “Do they all have to wear scarves like that guy?”

To which my Dad said, “I think Peter Cushing is the most popular one.  He was the first one.”

And my brain soaked with a bit of chardonnay started spewing, “He was in the first Star Wars.  The real first Star Wars.  Episode IV. A New Hope, not that awful Phantom Menace.”

My Dad says, “Was he the guy who said, “Your evil ways have no…”

I reply, “It was ‘Your sorcerers ways…’ And no.  He played Governor Tuck.”

Apparently, nerdiness is genetic.

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