>I’ll drink to that!

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>I’ve never understood the appeal of drinking games.  Quarters, beer pong, do a shot when Randy Jackson says, “Yo dog…”  Why not just drink and hang out?  Why does it have to be a competition?  Don’t you have anything interesting to say?  Even during college, my friends and I never had to find an excuse to drink.  It was just part of the moment.

Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of games.  I’m not all that competitive.  Well, I can be, but it’s not usually much fun and a little lonely.  I’d rather enjoy a cold beer or a smooth glass of wine and laugh with friends.  In fact, I don’t really know that many people into drinking games.  My friends would rather sip on a cosmopolitan and tell the story about when they ran into Kip Winger at a hotel in 1990 or drink a Jack and Coke and comment on the lady dressed like Thelma Harper walking down the street.  That’s way cooler than trying to make your friends puke, which seems to be the whole point of drinking games.

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