>How about a moderate lounge?

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>I was reading an article in the Bee and someone said the ultra lounge is dead.  What in the hell is an ultra lounge anyway?  It sounds like a fancy way to say “bar for those over 30 who are too tired to go to a club.” Sometimes I think a fancy bar would be fun, but not on a regular basis and only if I was in San Francisco or it was a special occasion.

This ultra lounge label also sounds like a way to jack up the prices of drinks.  You are paying for the ambiance!  Really?  Well then I better be in Las Vegas if I have to pay $10 for a drink!  Honestly, if I have to pay more than $5 for a drink in Sacramento then something is wrong.  OK, I can see paying a little more for a good glass of wine, but it’s a stretch. 

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