>The devil you know versus the devil you don’t


Today’s Groupon in Sacramento made me a little sad. Do you see how many people think they need plastic surgery? I’m sorry, but who in the hell is everyone trying to impress?  OK, maybe Botox injections aren’t “surgery” per se, but I think it’s an extreme form of “I don’t like the way I look.” For the love of God, it’s botchulism! That stuff can kill you! Don’t you remember biology in sophomore year?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for altering your appearance if it makes you feel confident and happy. Bring on the black eyeliner and blonde hair dye!  The thing about that stuff…it’s not permanent.  The makeup can easily be washed away and my hair will probably grow out.

But, I just think getting rid of varicose veins and that lovely wrinkle in my forehead that shows an emotion or two is a bit much. I mean how many women do you know who have plastic bags of goo sewn into their chest? I’m not talking about women who have gone through a mastectomy and chose to have reconstructive surgery. Obviously, that’s different. OK, maybe if I were an actress or a stripper, and my job depended on the size of my bra cup, I could rationalize the need for enhancement.

But, getting back to my original point, it saddens me that so many people cannot handle looking a little bit outside of the status quo of beauty…or at least what we’ve been told is beautiful.

Take my nose for instance. It’s not all cute like Ashley Simpson’s new one. It’s the one that my genes created for me. Sure, it’s not perfect, but to go in and have it surgically altered scares me. Again, if I were suffering because people shunned me due to a deformity, then by all means I would go under the knife, but just to indulge my vanity is not reason enough. What if I came out looking worse than when I went in? What if I used a coupon for the surgery and got what I paid for? I guess that’s my other concern, discounted health care (using the term loosely here) is probably a bad idea.

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