A better life in 7 easy steps?

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ABetterlife-NonChronRemember many moons ago when I said dating advice is crap? Well, so are those articles on the Internet that give you “5 Easy Ways to Save Money” or “4 Tips to Be More Attractive.” Here are 3 Ways to Spot Lame Advice:

1) Lists – It’s a great way to suck you in. Who has time to read a well thought out essay on why eggs are a delicious source of protein?

2) Recycle – It’s the same sage advice that has been handed down for millennia. Seriously. Look at cave paintings. They aren’t just images of wild boars being hunted. They are bits of wisdom on how to best kill said boar quickly and with less waste.

3) Complex simplified – Don’t you think if eight foods really did lower your blood pressure, make you lose weight, or cleared up your skin, we wouldn’t all be buying those things up in one hell of a Black Friday rush? Granted, I don’t care how great it makes me feel or look, I am not eating a dandelion or quinoa.

From the short time I’ve spent on this planet, one thing about food is true: What is good for you this year will be dangerous in the next decade. Isn’t that right, bacon and eggs?

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