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>Jokingly, as I was shuffling through the labyrinthine security line at the Las Vegas  airport about 5 years ago, I told my friend that someone should design a TSA approved jumpsuit that would get people through security more quickly and possibly avoid a pat down.  It’s much like those ridiculous baggies people use to be allowed put their make up, shampoo, and conditioner in the overhead storage. 

It wouldn’t be flattering to most of us, since it wouldn’t leave much to the imagination being made of Lycra or some other form fitting material, but it would prevent anyone from smuggling forbidden items on board.

Of course, it could be somewhat fashionable.  It could come in various colors, black, red, dark blue…or even have stripes such that it would make the wearer appear slimmer.  Then again, for all I know those visual tricks to make a person more attractive are just those the nefarious use to pull of their schemes. 

I can see it now.  By Christmas, these will be the hottest “as seen on TV” item out there.

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