>Yet Another Source of Never Ending Humor

>Please enjoy these entries from the Sheriff’s Log in Calaveras county courtesy of the Calaveras Enterprise: My comments are in green.

April 30th

Noon, West Point – Person found a handgun while trimming weeds. So that’s where I left it!

5:29 p.m., West Point – Mule in reporting party’s front yard. Will contact Animal Services tomorrow. How many times do you have to come home to a mule in the front yard before you decide that something might be wrong with your mate?

5:59 p.m., Valley Springs – Reporting party never sees anyone, but there are always new tire tracks leading onto and off of their property. That sounds like a Stephen King novel to me.

6:54 p.m., West Point – Someone put up a “for sale” sign in front of property. Property is not for sale. Reporting party is very upset. Wow, talk about high maintenance.

April 29th

12:52 a.m., Copperopolis – Vehicles vandalized. Subjects vandalizing the vehicles turned out to be the owners. Insurance scam anyone?

4:15 p.m., Valley Springs – People are trying to move in on resident. Huh? Maybe these are the people who put up the “for sale” sign.

April 28th

9:20 a.m., San Andreas – Male in lobby of Sheriff’s Department is causing a ruckus. Is “ruckus” an official term?

6:45 p.m., Valley Springs – Paint balls in yard. Clean up after your own children. Don’t call the police about it.

3 thoughts on “>Yet Another Source of Never Ending Humor

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Lemme get this straight–the sheriff’s office called the sheriff’s office to respond to a complaint at the sheriff’s office?

    No wonder the guy was causing a ruckus–these folks are idiots.

    I used to paint balls in my yard too, but the neighbors complained.

    Best line: “Maybe these are the people who put up the “for sale” sign.”



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