>Calaveras Crime Blotter

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>In honor of the annual Frog Jumping Contest of Calaveras, I present tidbits from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Log:

Monday, May 2, 2005 7:25 PM CDT
1:09 a.m., Valley Springs – Man says his phone box was tampered with.
12:53 a.m., Arnold – Report of firecrackers going off.
12:02 a.m., Milton – Suspicious vehicle parked at the cemetery.
10:21 p.m., Mountain Ranch – Homeless female refuses to leave friend’s house
9:02 p.m., Sheep Ranch – A couple of people won’t leave and caller wants them gone.
3:42 p.m., Valley Springs – Someone threw a rock through woman’s windshield. She has suspect information and the rock.
1:20 p.m., Near Angels Camp – Several people are panning for gold on private property.
12:07 p.m., Arnold – Verbal dispute over dogs

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