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>Instead of making resolutions, I am going to make plans this year. The post-holiday blues are striking me, so I’m trying to keep my brain busy by setting some goals that might actually be achievable.

  • Lose weight – most of us want to lose weight, but I hate diets. Counting carbs, points or whatever doesn’t work and isn’t a realistic way to live. I’m just going to try and eat more vegetables. My plan is to have at least one meal with a vegetable portion. Spaghetti sauce is not going to count as a vegetable anymore!
  • Write something positive – I’ve totally been neglecting this blog. Writing is one of the things I really enjoy, but I want to focus more on positive vibes instead of just ranting about things that piss me off. I’m sure the rants will still creep in every now and then, but my plan is to write at least one positive entry each week.

I have more plans, but haven’t completely thought them through.

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