>You’ve got ring around the collar

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>You know what I really need? More stuff. That was irony, just in case you aren’t clear on that concept. I really need less stuff. Well, I need less stuff to take up space in my house. The other day, I got a big old box of free stuff from P&G. Yet another BlogHer ’11 freebie. So, what was inside? Mostly a bunch of feminine stuff like mascara, hair products & body wash.

But, I also got this washing machine cleaner. What the hell is this? 

Apparently those fancy front loading washing machines need to be washed. Thanks, but I’ll stick with my cheapy simple top loader. My clothes get just as clean as they do in one of those fancy steam generating, mold inducing get ups.

The Joneses can keep all of their fancy ass appliances. I hate stainless steel. I barely cook and even if I did, I wouldn’t need six burners. Who is cooking that much at once outside of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

Give me a simple, reliable appliance and I will be happy. I don’t need more chores like washing my washing machine.

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