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I’m sort of addicted to Instagram. For those who don’t have an iPhone or haven’t yet found this free app, it’s a photo sharing social media application that lets you apply filters to the pictures you’ve taken. You can follow people and see their photos and they can see yours. Oh, don’t forget the requisite comment/like feature too.  You can also post these filtered photos to Twitter and Facebook.

But, to business… Over the past three months, I’ve seen people partaking in this Photo A Day challenge. And as regular readers of my blog well know, I’m not a joiner and am skeptical of anything that has a bandwagon feel to it.

So instead of just rolling my eyes at the lemming like mindset of people like I usually do, I decided to investigate who this Instagram overlord might be… Since all of the photos were originating on that application, I assumed it was some official way for them to generate interest in their already popular application.

But Google searches for Instagram photo a day kept returning blogs. Nothing from Instagram itself. Finally, I found the overlord in question. It was not someone associated with Instagram (as far as my pitiful research could tell), but some random mommy blogger from Australia.

Since I don’t regularly follow the mommy blogger world, I have no idea who this woman is, but she seems to have a decent following (as well as a sponsorship by Pantene & Seventeen Magazine), which is probably why this idea of hers took off like it did.

It’s a cute, fun idea. So, I thought that instead of turning my nose up at it, I might give it a try. I’m always looking for inspiration and sometimes using a prompt (even if it’s just a photo one) helps. with writing.

So for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, today I will share the prompt for April 1st: Your Reflection (which is really my reflection not yours). The above picture is a bit of a stretch on that statement since it’s my reflection in a wine glass. You can pretty much only see my hair, but hey, who wants to see my mug reflected in a bathroom mirror like a bad online dating profile? No one…that’s boring.

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  1. Susan

    >Shuttercal has a photo a day site. way cool calendar you upload to and then can order the prints in a way cute box! I made it about 4 or 5 months one year before forgetfulness set in.


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