A Weekend Getaway in Town

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Twice this year, I’ve stayed at a hotel in Sacramento over a weekend.  Since I live here, it’s a little random.  The thing is, it was pretty awesome.

Photo Credit: Jen Kennedy

What you do first is get on Priceline.  I know it’s scary committing to something without first knowing what you’re getting into, but you can manipulate the site just a little bit.

First, you should know that there are only three hotels in downtown Sacramento that have four stars.  They are all decent choices and within walking distance to various bars and restaurants.  This is key.  If you choose 4 stars as your minimum star rating, the site will not give you anything lower, only higher.  Since there is nothing higher in the area, you are going to get one of these three.

Second, if your bid isn’t accepted and you don’t get an opportunity to up it without having to change your star parameters, just leave the site and come back.  It usually resets whatever the hell sensors or SCMODs are tracking you.

So, you put in your bid and you’ve got your hotel.  Now what?  Call up your friends!  That $100 or less you just dropped will now be split.  OK, maybe you should do that before plunking down the dough.

The best part?  You now get to create your own personal pub crawl and you don’t have to worry about a DUI.  I’m sort of shocked that none of the local hotels are marketing cheap weekend rates to people in conjunction with some of the local drinking & eating establishments.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway in Town

  1. susan

    Not as exciting as a pub crawl, but I do this frequently for scrapbook weekends!! No matter how you explain to related men-folk that you are MIA for the weekend, if you come home to sleep they think you are fair game for assorted mother-wife-chauffeur-housekeeper duties. Staying at a hotel is much more fun and they don’t have you make them breakfast in the morning!


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