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Full disclosure: I’m not now nor have I ever really been into the club scene.  Even back in my 20s, I’m not sure what I was really doing at the Rage.  If you’ve lived in Sacramento for a decade or so, you probably know what I’m talking about.  But, when the Sacramento Bloggers had a gathering at the Reunion Nightclub in El Dorado Hills, I set aside my preconceived notions, and gave the place a whirl.

I’d heard that their target demographic is people in their 30s and up.  This definitely caught my interest.  One of the things that keeps me from going to a club, aside from the crowds, is the fact that I’d be one of the oldest people there.

VIP BoothsLet me just say this, I was really impressed with the decor.  It felt comfortable, but classy.  I actually found myself wondering how one might reserve one of these VIP booths.  They don’t have a cover charge most nights, unless a band is playing.  I saw the list of bands playing in December and saw one called Rebel Yell.  Since obviously Billy Idol gets it, I might have to check them out in the future.

Fancy Flyers

On Wednesday nights they have dueling pianos, which I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys.  You can make requests and dedications, but remember to tip them if you do.  It’s only polite.

Food and beverage in a club

They had really good food available too.  It was served buffet style, so you could help yourself between dance sessions, gab sessions, or drink sessions.

The crowd was just as I expected, in my age group.  The music they played reminded me of high school.  Pretty sure I recall hearing a Naughty By Nature song.  Hip Hop Hooray, if you are wondering. I felt comfortable and had a great time hanging out with some local bloggers.  So, if you, your friends and/or your significant other are looking for a new place to check out, I suggest you try the Reunion Nightclub.

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  1. Margaret Duarte

    I agree fully with your “full disclosure,” in that I also tend to skip the bar scene. Been there, done that. But the get-together of the Sacramento Bloggers at Reunion was enjoyable and I have no regrets. One of the highlights was meeting many interesting local bloggers, including you. Hope to see you again at future events.


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