Thankful: My parents are awesome!

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Today was insane. Moving is awful. Well, awfully stressful. It’s even more so when your stuff is 1,500 miles away and you are trying to coordinate its move.

Luckily, I have been blessed with wonderful parents.

I had arranged for the movers to come on Wednesday. All of the paperwork was complete.  We were just waiting for a time to have my parents open up the storage unit so they could load up the truck.

I get a call this morning…the movers were on the their way…


Frantically, I call my mom. She can’t go. She has an appointment, but luckily, my dad was free.  He raced over…to wait.

I gave him the phone number of the movers since they had acted like they would be there at any moment. It would be easier for him to just call directly than have me be a messenger, screwing up information because my stress level was going through the roof.

The movers had the wrong address.

They finally showed up after about 15 minutes when correct information was given. But, they didn’t have the stickers.

WHAT? Ugh.

My dad had to wait another 20 minutes with the truck half loaded for someone to deliver the stickers.  He’s great, isn’t he? It gets better…

Since there had been two screw ups, he made sure things were going to go right.  He made sure everything had a sticker. He made sure they had my correct address in the Twin Cities. He did the things I would have done had I been there.

Mostly, I was stressed out because my parents were being put out.  I know they are happy to help me, but I hate having them do something I am fully capable of doing.  They saved me stress, time away from work and an airfare.

Both of my parents had taken time out of their days over the past month or so just to make sure my stuff would get to me in a few weeks, whether it be packing up various items that seemed to free themselves of their boxes or just to open a door to let in a mover to assess my belongings or simply move them.

I definitely need to do something nice for them. The question is what? I’m sure I’ll find the answer somewhere on the internet.

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