Don’t steal my idea!

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Here’s the thing, when I want to be, I am a good cook. When I can muster up the gumption, whatever I make is usually pretty tasty.

The problem is varied. Sometimes I’m just too damn tired after work to bother cooking for just myself. Sometimes I just don’t want to do the damn dishes. Mostly, I want help planning the damn meal. It’s not just buy the ingredients type help. I can read a flipping recipe.

What I want is someone to tell me when to make what. Isn’t there an app for that? I don’t need recipe ideas. I can find those everywhere. I need someone or something to tell me when to start the potatoes or boil the water for the pasta.

Maybe I should write a cookbook that includes full meals. It would show not only recipes, but also when to do everything from the chopping of the broccoli to the letting the lasagna rest.

You know what would be a great app? If I could take variations of a meal (main course, sides, even dessert for fancy dinners) and have the computer or phone calculate and show me when to make what. You would make your selections and out would spit instructions. Creating a formula for that math must not be that difficult if I can imagine its possibility.

I tried searching for a website that even showed such a thing as a static page, but even Martha Stewart failed me. It’s possible that I’m just not inputting the correct search strings, but I think Google has a difficult time finding what doesn’t yet exist.

Maybe I’ll just stick to one dish meals like nachos and casseroles. Although, I can make a pretty good roast and baked potatoes when I set my mind to it.

5 thoughts on “Don’t steal my idea!

    1. MsChick74 Post author

      The timing of putting the meal together. When should I start preparing the side dish? When should I pre-heat the oven? When should I put in the garlic bread? So that everything ends up ready at the same time. In baking, things like that are usually spelled out. I rarely find that to be the case in cooking.

  1. susan

    we have a cookbook like this at home, two I think. if I can remember, I will look tonight. they were something similar to “Cooking for Dummies” that hubby found.


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