Be nice to your teeth: A Review of Colgate SlimSoft

How often do you brush your teeth? I will admit to not doing it enough. I should brush after every meal, but I only brush twice a day. It’s really just a habit you need to get into and having a good toothbrush will help you maintain good dental hygiene.

Influenster sent me a sample of the new Colgate SlimSoft to review. One thing I have heard from dental professionals is that softer brushes are best for your teeth because it’s easier on the enamel. I always seek out soft brushes in the store, but they never seem soft enough…until now.

Seriously, this toothbrush is so soft and gentle. I never felt like my teeth weren’t getting clean and I’ve been using it for about a week now. Honestly, I threw out my old toothbrush after using this one. It’s the softness for which I’ve been searching.

I’ve always been a fan of Colgate products. I’ve tried other toothpastes and always go back to Colgate. Now, I will also use their toothbrushes. I used to try to find the cheapest toothbrush available, but now I can see that it’s probably not a good idea. Why save $2 when you can save the enamel on your teeth for that price? You loose enamel and you can never get it back. I’ll pony up the dough.

You might not think very much about your toothbrush, but you should. Good dental hygiene is important. And don’t forget to floss too! Like my sister told me, “You only floss the teeth you want to keep.”


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