My Furniture Obsession or Why I Love IKEA

Have you ever noticed the smell of furniture from IKEA?  It’s there. Maybe it’s the scent of Swedish meatballs combined with particleboard that makes me want to buy build it yourself furniture.  Or maybe it’s genetic.  As I’ve previously stated,  pretty well known fact that the women in my family have this thing with rearranging the furniture in their houses.  My sister doesn’t really seem to have it, but I know my mom, my aunt and my grandmother all have it.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It doesn’t cost anyone anything to move a couch to the other side of the room.

Now that I’m living with Paul in Minnesota, all of the furniture in the apartment is his…until today!  I needed, yes needed, a place to put some of my clothes.  So, we went to IKEA the other day because where else can you get really cool inexpensive furniture?

Also, we saw another Snoopy on his doghouse statue.

Peanuts, IKEA, Snoopy, Woodstock

Anyway, I already have pieces in the MALM series, so I figured I might as well get one more to go with what I already have so when I can get my furniture to be shipped out here, it will match.

IKEA is a little dangerous.  Everything there is fairly inexpensive and I do enjoy buying new pieces of furniture…you can see where I’m going here.  Luckily, being temporarily unemployed helps keep my spending habits under control.

furniture, IKEA, bedroom

There is something satisfying about putting together a piece of furniture.  Sure, I wanted to quit halfway through, but I powered on and made myself complete the task.  I love it!  Now I just have to gather the energy and the strength to put my clothes in it.  Like my mom told me before I moved…living out of a suitcase gets old fast.

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