Mixing it up with some Sacramento Bloggers

frankfurter and beerYou would think that a beer crazy town like Sacramento would have a plethora of German themed bars or beirhalls if you will.

As far as I know, LowBrau is the only one. And while I was disappointed that there was no oompa-like polka music to be heard, it paled in comparison to the pleasure I got from the delicious frankfurter.

Also get your mind out of the gutter…but I thought it too as I wrote that sentence.

Regardless, yesterday I went to what will probably be my last Sacramento mixer. This one was put on by the Sacramento Bloggers group. If you are a blogger in Sacramento and you haven’t signed up on their site, what is your problem? They put together some really nifty shindigs.

Margaret Andrews, Nichole Beaudry and Stephanie Porter run the site devoted to all types of blogs based in the greater Sacramento area.

Their latest gathering took place at LowBrau, where they have plenty of mustards and other interesting sauces/toppings for your food. Who doesn’t love a good dipping sauce?


But, seriously, LowBrau, my first visit was during the SacTweetup held there. Like I said, I was hoping for a more traditional bier hall. A friend of mine, Jen, has a good rule of thumb:  You always have to give a place two chances before really deciding whether you like it or not. It’s sort of like dating.  She’s right. I’m glad I went back. While I’m not a huge fan of community tables, mostly because I’m anti-social, I do enjoy the self serve water station. Also, the servers were very friendly. And as most businesses know, good service goes a long way…even longer than good food.

What I love about going to Sacramento Blogger events is that you get an interesting cross section of people. You see people you’ve probably run into at other social media or blogging events in the area, but you also get the opportunity to meet new folks too. And you don’t just talk about blogging, although it’s a great way to break the ice.

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