>It’s a desert and a drink!

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I love wine and beer because you don’t have to mix them with something in order to make them drinkable. Sure, we all get to the age where we can just drink hard liquor neat (or straight), but I’m not quite there yet. I can’t just have a glass of gin. It sounds like fun, but I don’t want to get that shivery gagging feeling every time I have some alcohol.

The other day, I went to deVeres with my parents for dinner. When we finished our fabulous meal, my mom suggested we get desert. Looking at the menu, nothing really struck my fancy, until I saw an old familiar name, Baileys.

Passing on the mousse and other sweets, we ordered two glasses of the irish cream on the rocks. It was kind of like an adult glass of milk…but smaller and with ice. I loved it so much, I found myself sucking on the ice cubes.

While I’m not really a big fan of sweet drinks anymore, this one hit the spot after dinner. Normally, I think of Baileys as having to swim around in coffee or hot chocolate during the winter time, but having it on the rocks is pretty damn good. What’s even better is that I can have it at home. I don’t have to dread becoming a mixologist for 15 minutes while I stare at my cupboards lamenting that I don’t keep a fully stocked bar in my kitchen.  Hmm.  Maybe I should keep a fully stocked bar in my kitchen….

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