It really is a health issue

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No more cravings, either.

No more cravings, either.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that the birth control pill can cure PMS? Seriously, why?!?

Had I known, I would have started taking it decades ago and saved my sanity. Honestly, people, you really should make this pill available to women everywhere if they want it. Preventing pregnancy is just a bonus side effect, if you ask me.

No longer do I get weepy, angry or randomly annoyed because my hormones are challenging my emotional state. That’s not to say I’m completely emotionless. It’s just that I feel more steady. I don’t want to punch people in the face for talking to me in the elevator. Granted, I still don’t want them to talk to me in the elevator, especially if it’s before 7:30 AM, but at least I can handle it better all the time instead of just 2-3 weeks a month.

Sadly, not all women can take birth control pills. It effects everyone in different ways? Why? Well because I’m pretending to be a doctor I’ll tell you: Everyone is different. Everyone has a slightly different body chemistry. At least that’s my totally unscientific theory. Who knows, I could be correct!

Regardless, thank God I live in this age. While I still think medicine needs to make more leaps and bounds overall, some of the prescriptions available really have made life easier (and better) for millions of people. That’s not to say I trust pharmaceutical companies. Bottom line is that they are in it to make money, but I appreciate when those attempts to increase profit margins help people live better lives.

1 thought on “It really is a health issue

  1. Moxie

    You never heard that back in high school or college? Damn, girl. I’m sorry to hear you went this long not knowing the up side to BC pills. Personally, I wish I’d gotten past the social stigma of taking BC in high school because I would have been much easier to get along with. Live and learn.

    (How weird is this – my Captcha words are Doctors and thirteen. It’s like they know what we’re talking about! The call is coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!)


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