>Is it just me or is the American River full?

>The rain has been a hot topic in Sacramento.  I think it’s been raining for 3 months straight, but don’t quote me on that.  Regardless, yesterday we had a brief respite from the down pours, so I decided to check out the American River.  Now, I’ve never actually seen the Mississippi River, but when I was walking along the levee, that’s all I could think about.

I assume that there’s some sort of mathematical equation involved that deals with forecasting the runoff from the mountains, but why in the hell do they keep releasing water from Folsom Dam?  I mean look at how high that river was yesterday.  How full is the damn Dam?  While it has been raining and snowing a hell of a lot, I find it hard to believe that after so many years of drought that Folsom Dam could be anywhere near full.  Has our rainfall and snow pack really been that epic?  Sure Californians complain when we haven’t seen the sun in four days, but that doesn’t mean the last few months of rain are requiring us to build an ark.

Cal Expo on the opposite bank
Capitol City Freeway Overcrossing

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