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We got up in the morning and went on a short hike along a snowmobile trail. I lasted about ten minutes. Too much nature does not agree with me. It’s all dirty and bug-ridden.

We went to Kings Beach. I sat around bored because I forgot my phone while everyone else waded around the lake. My policy is to never swim in natural bodies of water.

We had lunch at Gar Wood’s, home of the Wet Woody (pictured above). It’s pretty much a Mai Tai. Two of those and I was feeling pretty good.

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3 thoughts on “>Images of Lake Tahoe

  1. tsduff

    >Wet Woody? Hmmm – doesn’t sound like my kind of drink – at least not colored like that!

    I do swim in natural bodies of water – I prefer them to pools. But, I’ll sit out on a rock and be just as happy.


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