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I have this dream of living in the country. Well, not too far in the country. I need to be able to get to the freeway and grocery store in less than 20 minutes. Regardless, my dream home would overlook some vineyards and be in some hills.

Yes, that sounds like Napa, but I can’t afford Napa.

There are quite a few places in California that look like Napa or Napa adjacent.  Plus, they are a little more affordable.

Also, I hate stainless steel and granite is cliche. I like the simple look of a country kitchen. It has character that will stand the test of time. Now that I think about it, I seem to be more earthy than I realized.

While I probably couldn’t be more of a city girl at heart and I’m not really outdoorsy per-se, I like the peace and serenity in the country. Plus your neighbors aren’t on top of you like in the suburbs. The best place in the world is a summer evening on a patio in California. The air might be still or there might be a cool breeze wandering in off the coast. If you’re lucky, you get to see some fog or better yet see the silhouette of a valley oak as the sun sets behind a hill.

I can smell the barbeque and the fresh air. I can taste the Cabernet Sauvignon and hear the lilting voices of friendly chatter. Actually, I think I just described my Sunday evenings. Except, the scenery is different. No hills, vineyards or fog and the breeze comes from the delta not the ocean. Still, it’s a really great moment to have once a week from May to October.

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