Election Madness: California Style

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Is it November 7th yet? I have heard more people say this lamentation than I have ever heard in years past.

This election is tiresome.  I feel like I’ve been inundated with awful political ads.

They almost make me feel as uncomfortable as those heart wrenching, pathetic dogs & cats sitting in cages while Sarah McLaughlin sings.

One thing you should know about California, we usually have a shitton of propositions on the ballot.  This year there are 11.  That’s right…11!  One is about redistricting.  Didn’t we just vote on that a few months ago?  How much gerrymandering can one state take?

Then there are always the random local measures and offices that everyone has to vote on, but about which no one knows anything.

Can you read what’s highlighted in that photo?  Probably not.

It says “Vote for Fifteen.”  That’s right, I have to vote for fifteen different people for one stupid office.  Then again, I believe these fifteen people are hinging on whether or not voters vote to revise the city charter.  For the sole purpose of not having to pick fifteen people, I vote no.  Actually, there are other reasons I will vote no, but they aren’t funny.

But, let’s discuss this as I have once before.  No one knows who any of these people are and no one really cares.  Sure, there will be a few people who will take the time to research the candidates and why we should revise the city charter, but most people just won’t.  Getting people to vote in the first place is a chore.  Getting people to think about their vote is nigh impossible. These are people who cannot successfully merge in traffic, why should they bother to think about something as complex as the city’s charter and who is best suited to revise it?  Heck, I can successfully merge in traffic and I don’t even want to do it.

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