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What was up with the People’s Party? Why so small? It didn’t look like they had any sponsors. My comparison is the one in San Diego. It was in a ballroom and was an interesting place to walk around. I remember there being a Raising Hope booth which had special drinks available. I think there was a Rio (you know that movie based on Angry Birds) booth. This year? Not so much. It was in a bar in the hotel. Paul & I walked in and I was disappointed. We were there early, so no one had shown up yet. It felt like any faceless/corporate networking event in your hometown.

“Hey, Bob! How is this year’s sales goal? Can you believe Brenda in Accounting got a promotion? Did you get the memo?”

We grabbed an adult beverage and headed back to the room. I heard later that the place got so packed you couldn’t hear or move. I wonder at the logic of having the only official party in such a small area.

Multi-Culti Party, BlogHer13The second night’s progressive parties were much better. I didn’t go to the Voices of the Year or reception. I’m not one of those women who enjoys crying. Sure once in a random (PMS driven) while I’ll read those “25 Reasons to Have Faith in Humanity” things, but mostly, I’d rather laugh. As far as I can tell, those VOTY things are too weepy for me.

I loved the “red solo cup” at the Aiming Low party and I got a bunch of flags at the Multi-Culti party.  They are the flags of my people because I am multi-culti myself.

I was initially confused as to how they might be “progressive,” but once I saw the suite, I understood. You were not meant to hang out in the suites for very long. I mean they were smaller than the hotel bar downstairs. You came, you drank, you ate, you talked, you moved on. Again, we went to these parties as soon as they opened, so maybe later on in the evening it was a crush, but I don’t know. I am still a little confused about the whole suite thing. In 2011, everything was in a ball or board room or rooftop terrace. Maybe area is just at a premium here in Chicago, so getting a space is pricey. I don’t know. I’m just guessing.

The fashion show after party was pretty good. They had a decent selection of food and booze. It was in a big room and there was a place to dance. THAT’S what was wrong with the previous parties! No dance floor and I am a gal who likes to boogie, even if I look like Elaine Bennis when I do it.

BurgersAs always the CheeseburgHer party was the best. As always means two different years for me. Regardless, this party is always a good time. I went alone because I’d worn out my date by dinner time…get your mind out of the gutter. But, I wasn’t fretting. For some reason I keep running into people I met for like two seconds during the conference. The booze I’d had made me more outgoing than usual (shocker) so I had someone to talk to while the music engulfed us (Sing it, Whitney!)


I was a little disappointed that the burgers weren’t from McDonald’s. My guess is the hotel made them use their catering or gave them a really good discount on it. However, I did enjoy customizing the bags. It’s always funny to me to see the people who are too cool to wear a decorated paper bags on their head. Have another drink and loosen up, honey!

2 thoughts on “BlogHer13: Party Recap

  1. Katey911

    I am one of those who won’t wear a paper bag on her head. Not that I’m too cool, it’s just that, well, it’s a paper bag. On my head. No.

    Maybe I am too cool. Oh well, I own it.


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