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Amador County Vineyards

Did you hear? The sun is actually shining. It could be some sort of cruel joke, but there are a few rays of light out there today. One of the great things about living in California is that we get an inordinate amount of sunshine for most of the year.

 When Mother Nature gets depressed and takes it away from us, we get whiny, but for good reason. Our whole lifestyle revolves around the sun. I would even venture a guess that many businesses plan their years around sunny days. Roofers, HVAC companies, gardening centers, and the multitude of agriculture in the area are all suffering. Cherry season was a washout…literally. I know it’s dumb, but I’m worrying about wine.

Going wine tasting in Amador & El Dorado Counties is tons of fun. It would be a total bummer if the grape crops were ruined because we had to much rain. Just look at that photo.  I think that was the last time we saw a good deal of sunshine and that was on May 21st.  All of the farmer’s markets, which I don’t go to, but might one day, can’t stay open because the weather keeps screwing them over.

 I think I heard on the news that a few graduations were outright cancelled because of the rain. It would kind of suck to sit in the middle of the football field while the rain poured on you or the mud squished around your sandals.  I think it was in the 90s when I graduated…the year and the temperature.

I can only imagine how many wedding parties were ruined because of the bizarre weather. If you told me a six months ago that I’d be sitting in my living room with the heater on in June, I’d think you were nuts. At least now I know I’d rather be complaining about the heat when it’s supposed to be hot than the cold when it’s not. Pardon the awkward rhyme.

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