20 Year High School Reunion: Part 3 – Go if you can

Who are all these adults? This thought kept running through my head throughout the night. I would see someone and have no clue who there were until I saw their name tag. And of course, just like in Grosse Point Blank, our year book photos were on those name tags…and yes, I had to quote it when I was given it. Pretty sure that went right over the head of the gal checking us all in.

Horse not included.

Regardless, the venue wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong. If another event takes place there, I will probably not go. We had to park on grass. The toilet situation was a combination of outhouse and dive bar. At least there was real flushing toilets. And because it was 102 I learned a whole new definition of swamp ass. Also, the next person to tell me that anywhere in Northern California doesn’t have bugs, gets a swift kick in the ass. They are called flies and mosquitoes. Luckily, the ranch provided complimentary Deep Woods Off and Skintastic to keep the critters away. Yeah. Marinate on that. There were so many bugs they provided bug spray.

But, I put aside my high maintenance tendencies and enjoyed myself more than I expected. Again, I couldn’t stop talking like an excited dolphin. I apologize to my friends if I saw the word, “awesome” too much. So many friends and acquaintances were feeling just like me. It was surreal, but good. I feel bad for the people who opted not to go, not because financial or family issues kept them away, but because they gave into their fears.

I’m glad I faced mine and went. It wasn’t awful at all. Sure at first, I was like, what the hell am I doing here, but as I talked to more people and saw old friends, the happiness spread and the fear left.

Of course, the cheerleaders and jocks kept to themselves. Pretty much everyone gravitated towards their old friends. It wasn’t that someone was being ostracized. They were just eager to see people familiar to them. Everyone was friendly, courteous and grown up.

Some people didn’t have a handle on things though, and I was sad for them. I saw two people who were falling down drunk. The friends who ended up having to babysit them didn’t look happy at all. It’s one of those situations that you usually grow past. Sure, in our 20s we all had friends who couldn’t hold their liquor, mostly because it was new to them. But in your late 30s if you still get so shit faced in public you can’t even walk, you have a problem that goes deeper than being unable to handle a little social awkwardness.

All in all, I’m so happy I got to reconnect with so many people. Facebook was a great tool to facilitate the reunion. It was definitely not a substitute for it. I’m pretty sure I got to talk to more people because of it. It was an ice breaker.

2 thoughts on “20 Year High School Reunion: Part 3 – Go if you can

  1. Moxie

    So glad you went and had a great time. The drunks remind me of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, where the former hottie guy is now a raging alcoholic with a pot belly.

    1. MsChick74 Post author

      The drunks were few & far between. I can understand why one person might have been a little more than tipsy. Pretty sure high school was a nightmare for him, but the others…not sure.


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