>Does Everyone Hate the US? That Sucks.

>I’m not saying that everything in the US is perfect. It’s not. It’s a pretty broad statement to say that the lifestyle and the food here are some things you can’t stand. I mean there are all kinds of people who live here and have very different lifestyles. Better yet, instead of just saying that something sucks, why not say… Read more »

>Extremely Lame

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>I admit it. I watched Extreme Makeover last night. I feel awful. ABC sucked me in because they teased me with a bit of Tom Keifer from Cinderella. Of course he was on during the last 10 minutes of the show and only for a minute or so. I suppose he has a solo album coming out and needs to… Read more »

>Monster Park

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>I remember when it was Candlestick Park. Then for some reason, probably a monetary one, the City/County of SF sold the rights to 3 Com. What that company does, I am not sure, but after so many years of hearing it called 3 Com, I just started calling it 3 Com, too. Now Monster Cable has come along and forked… Read more »

>Conan to Take Over ‘Tonight’ in Five Years

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>I was a senior in High School when Jay Leno took over the Tonight Show from Carson. I never really warmed up to Leno. I have enjoyed Conan O’Brien for many years even though I hardly ever get to stay up to watch his show. Comedy Central was repeating the show at a decent hour for a while, and I… Read more »

>A Buzz in the Air

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>I don’t know what’s going on today, but my office is a hotbed of activity. My head is spinning just listening to my coworkers race around the office at top speed. Someone needs to get in here and cleanse the energy. Maybe it’s just my perception of what’s going on because I am sick of working my ass off. It’s… Read more »