>What is Heavy Metal?

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>Could someone tell me who decided that L7 was metal? I am watching a repeat of VH1’s 100 Metal Moments (mostly because I got sick of the scroll channel) and they are showing the bit about L7 auctioning off sex with one of their band members or something. I always thought they were more along the lines of punk than metal. I mean where is something about Lita Ford or Vixen even?

I really hate list type shows like this. The top ten of any of these lame shows are always suspect. God forbid we could just show some damn videos in their entirety. If anything has hurt the music industry, aside from promoting obviously crappy music, it’s been the decline in the prevalence of videos that mainstream America sees. Videos are mini commercials for albums, but where can you see these now? MTV2 and VH1 Classic? Who gets those channels like a quarter of the tv watching cd buying population? I certainly don’t get them and I would gladly spend money on a new CD with even just ONE decent song on it.

I do have cable, but I can’t condone paying more than $30ish a month to watch TV. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy TV, but there really isn’t much worth watching anymore. When I was a kid, my summers would revolve around what was on TV. Now, I’m lucky if I can find something good to watch once a week. Crap, could I sound more like an old fart? “Back in my day, the music rocked and had videos to go along with it! Now hand me my Geritol and turn up the Def Leppard.”

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1 thought on “>What is Heavy Metal?

  1. Nick

    >that’s strange. i can find so much good TV to watch these days i need 2 TiVo’s. the funny thing is that i STILL can’t ever find time to watch it all. you’re right on with the no more videos, though. if “video killed the radio star” what killed the video star?


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