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Within the last few years, I stopped thinking that the weird coincidences in my life were signs from the universe. They weren’t. They were just a figment of my overactive imagination.

What I don’t understand is why for the last three days, I’ve been hearing Chaka Khan’s Feel For You. I don’t think I’ve been listening to the same radio station. It hasn’t been at the same time each day. Once it was in the evening and twice it was in the morning.

Now, I like this song, but if I keep hearing it, I’m going to start hating it.

Of course, old habits die hard and while I was driving home this morning and this song came on the radio, I caught myself thinking, what the hell does this mean?

Nothing. Just fodder for a boring blog post. And the means to get it stuck in everyone’s head who reads this post over the age of 32.

Chaka Kahn, everybody. Everybody, Chaka Kahn.

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