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On Monday, December 17, 2007, I did something that would greatly affect my life.  Or is that effect my life?  Grammar mind fart aside, that’s the day I signed up for Twitter.  Back then, it was just another thing I did because I was intrigued and curious.  I saw it mentioned in an email from  It would take me quite a few months before I realized the full potential of this new social media thing.

Have I talked about this before?  Probably.  Regardless over the course of those 4 years, really in the last 2, I have met (yes, in real life) some great people and made some new friends.  Heck, I’m writing this post from my new home that I share with a gal I met through Twitter.

Last night I had another fabulous Twitter experience. Look at this screen shot:

Pardon my geek out, but Mark McGrath replied to my tweet about him!  OH MY GOD!! Could he get any cooler?!? I didn’t write it with the intent of him even reading it.  I figure most famous people have their people tweet for them.

Damn. Has it really been 4 years?  I still remember reading that article like it was yesterday.  I guess I was doing the right thing when I signed up for Twitter. Isn’t it funny how a seemingly trivial act can greatly influence our lives?

Plus, you gotta love how much just mentioning Fabio has affected my writing.  I cannot tell you how many people have found my blog by searching for him.

2 thoughts on “Twitter: Why it’s so awesome

  1. susan

    I saw that last night and was totally excited for you!!! is there where I tell you that Mark has fondled my friends and I have photos to prove it? no….that would be too much of a one-ups-man thingie. but, I know he is/was quite the get-around kinda guy, but he is also amazingly super sweet. (and I failed your blog’s math test my first try….this is hard!)


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