>Random thoughts on the Grammy Awards

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>The Grammy Awards were last night and I honestly had no idea who half the people were that marched down the red carpet.  My sister and I played, “Who’s that?” for most of the night.  Partially it’s because I no longer listen to FM radio.  Partially it’s because they don’t show videos on MTV anymore.  Partially it’s because I’m old and don’t have a teenager in my house.  Although, even when I was a teenager, I never watched the Grammys.  Half of the acts nominated weren’t of interest to me.  While I did enjoy pop music, my tastes were pretty varied…with the exception of country music.  Nowadays, I’m not so anti-country music, but neither do I actually own much of it. 

My only question was…did Lady Gaga purposefully rip off Madonna’s Express Yourself or was that an accident?  I appreciate her theatricality, but am not really that into her music.  Maybe one day I’ll enjoy it when everyone else has leapt off the bandwagon.  I have a tendency to act like that… contrarian.  If everyone likes whatever is popular, I instantly don’t like it because there must be something wrong with it to be so popular.  Maybe it’s just left over teenage rebellion that I need to grow up past.

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