>Music the "Kids" Should Listen To

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>I feel kind of silly writing this stuff because I just assume everyone knows these songs and artists, but it occurs to me that a few people younger than me might not be aware of some of the goodness of my youth.

First off, gals, if you have not done so, go out and buy Donna Summer’s On the Radio (greatest hits?) right now.  I remember listening to that record, yes record, in my parents living room.  I was swept away by the drama and energy of Dim All the Lights.  Of course, I didn’t completely understand the meaning of the lyrics at the age of 5, but it didn’t matter.  I challenge you to listen to that album and not sing along or groove out somehow. It’s one of those rare albums where I enjoy almost all the songs.  The duet with Barbra Streisand is usually skipped, so I cannot recommend it.

Just for sheer volume of songs and slight cheese factor, you should check out Lionel Richie.  Not only the stuff he sings solo, but with the Commodores too.  I know it’s a little adult contemporary, but you know you want to sing along to the songs.  Personally, I like All Night Long (All Night) better than Dancing on the Ceiling, but to each his own.

For some reason, iTunes recommended a good song by Earth Wind and Fire when I was perusing the Lionel Richie.  If you’ve read this blog over the years, you know I am obsessed with their song, September.  I urge you to listen to Shining Star, Got To Get You Into My Life, Sing a Song and Let’s Groove.  It’s just good music that I really like singing along to…very poorly.

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