>Do the kids still use pyrotechnics at their shows?

>I just don’t get the whole Coachella thing.  Is it like Burning Man?  Could I sound more like an old fogey?  Seriously, I don’t feel like I’m cool enough to get any of it.  Plus, why in the blue hell would I want to camp out anywhere regardless of there being music or not.  Hey, let’s go hang out in the middle of the desert with thousands of people, no running water, and no electricity.  Sounds like a freaking joy.

As I glanced through the line up for this year’s event, the only act that caught my eye was Duran Duran.  OK, that’s pretty awesome.  The one and only time I saw Duran Duran was back in the mid-90s on their Ordinary World tour when they played Cal Expo.  Remember when Cal Expo used to have concerts?  Rumor has it that that’s where Tesla filmed their video for Love Song.  My brother in law says that he was at that concert.  I can’t imagine how totally rad that would have been.  I was too young to go to concerts back then since I was just in junior high. 

“So look around, open your eyes. Love is gonna find a way…” Did I just get that song in your head? Then you must be over 30!

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