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>Last night, my friends and I saw Velvet Revolver at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. We skipped Hoobastank to watch part of American Idol. When we got to the place there was a line of people waiting to get in. I guess we weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to hear that whiny pseudo rock music.

So after waiting around for 20 minutes, the giant projection screens start playing a video with Robbie Knievel. I think Dirty Little Thing is playing over it. I’d seen the commercials for this reality show, but I didn’t realize that A&E was a sponsor of the Velvet Revolver tour.

The show is off to a commercial and odd start. Then Scott Weiland comes out on the stage wearing that stupid policeman/Nazi general hat and he’s wearing black. As cool as wearing black is, a skinny person shouldn’t wear it. Weiland looked like he needed a sandwich or two. What happened to that hot guy in the Sex Type Thing video? Kids, this is what heroin will do to you. You go from a hot guy to a sickly ugly weirdo. At least his voice still sounds good.

Slash was fucking awesome, but when is Slash not fucking awesome. He was wearing this black tee shirt with the phrase “la-dee-fuckin-da” on it in white letters. I think the whole reason I bought a ticket was to see him play live. And I was not disappointed.

I can’t look at Dave Kushner without thinking of that character of Ben Stiller’s in Happy Gilmore. “You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up.”

Overall, it was a decent show. They only played one GNR song (It’s So Easy), which was disappointing, but I guess it’s better than none. They did play a couple STP songs, which was cool. Everything else was from the Velvet Revolver CD. I do have to say that I enjoyed the light show and it wasn’t just from the contact high. The Vegas type Velvet Revolver sign kicked ass.

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4 thoughts on “>Concert Review – Velvet Revolver

  1. SFChick74

    >They did? Granted, I left during the second encore, so I probably missed those songs.

    I hate encores. They are totally planned and not spontaenous like I expect. Just finish the damn show and let me go home.

  2. Anonymous

    >You diss Hoobastank but watch America Idol? Fuggin looser.

    But I do agree, I hate encores too, lame ass rock n’ roll bullshit. Encores are for bands that don’t know how to finish a show. I just saw them in West Palm Beach. Why the fuck Scott has to wear that fucking nazi hat?! Does he have any idea how tastless that is?



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